Robust data solution strengthened longstanding partnership

Published on March 10, 2016

TAS again partnered with MyState, Tasmania’s largest financial institution, to facilitate a large-scale infrastructure transformation, achieving minimal lengthy down-time periods and interference with day-to-day operations and client services deliverables in the process. With an aim to provide less restricted, more productive and robust solutions – MyState’s 7 year old on-premise data centre hosting required a well-overdue overhaul. With TAS navigating multiple system complexities to deliver the bank seamless consolidation, MyState then experienced a number of promising outcomes achieved through the chosen network solution.

The Challenge:

Tasmania’s largest financial institution, MyState, was encountering a series of infrastructure challenges due to ageing hardware and hosting solutions.

In an effort to minimise costs, MyState’s on-premise data centre hosting infrastructure required a well-overdue overhaul. After 7 years in production in 2014 (a stretch from 3-4 years of anticipated usage) it had reached the end of its lifecycle.

In order to create a broader system network that was less restricted, more productive and robust, four existing MyState data centres were slated for consolidation. The bank needed to act quickly, but also prevent lengthy down-time periods and mitigate any risk with day-to-day operations and client services deliverables.

The TAS Solution:

TAS’s highly experienced team once again partnered with MyState to drive this transformation across the enterprise. As MyState’s trusted technology partner, TAS helped the organisation navigate complex change with confidence.

By leveraging TAS’ seamless solutions, MyState’s concerns around the complexity of the project, timeframe and budgetary issues were alleviated. With TAS, MyState were assured of stability, consistency and a highly supportive transition to the cloud, while complying with APRA regulation requirements.

“Throughout the process, scale and the opportunities that it brings was key. Leveraging robust infrastructure that TAS already has in place, rather than trying to worry about it ourselves, made a lot of sense,” said MyState’s Head of Technology, David Mills.

The Outcomes:

With the project still in transition, key benefits have started to emerge, with improved system performance, delivery time and agility experienced to date. Early indicators, such as an increased loan book, greater customer traction, improved business analysis practices and a growing share of wallet, are promising for future business growth.

MyState continues to look to TAS for their fingers-on-the-pulse approach, expert guidance and deep industry know-how. By leveraging TAS’ robust solutions, MyState can drive other business operations and improvements, while accelerating growth into new markets.

“By supplementing what we do in-house, we can push more to TAS in the long-term,” said Mr Mills.

TAS’s value-add to this MyState project has added further successes to a solid 7-year partnership, with continued collaborations on the agenda.




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